Resume of Writing

Personal info: born, 1946, Canadian citizen. B.Sc, (Agronomy) Washington State Univ., M.Sc (Plant Ecology) Univ. of Sask. Profession: ecologist and writer.


Literary Works

2013: Documenting Fire History on a British Columbia Ecological Reserve. Journal of Ecosystems and Management (JEM) 14(1): 1-10.

2012: Impact of Biological Control on Two Knapweed Species in British Columbia. JEM 13(3).

2011: Barns and Bytes. Canadian Geographic, October, 2011

2011: River RhythmsCanadian Geographic, June, 2011

2010: lead author, Western Interior Basin Ecozone report in Canadian Biodiversity: Ecosystem Status and Trends 2010. Canadian Council of Resource Ministers, Ottawa, Ont.

2010: Man Facing West. Thistledown Press, Saskatoon

2010: Okanagan Odyssey. Rocky Mountain Books, Calgary

2009: A Pine to Ponder. Winner, The Lake literary non-fiction contest.

2008: Impacts of Climate Change on British Columbia’s Biodiversity: A Literature Review. FORREX Series 23. 24 pages.

2008: Park would sustain area’s natural beautyFirst appearing in the Penticton Western News on October 07, 2008

2007:   Interwoven Wild: An Ecologist Loose in the Garden. Thistledown Press, Saskatoon.   Shortlisted for BC Book Awards, non-fiction category.

2007: Grasslands Splendor. Canadian Geographic, July/August 2007

2007: A Cautionary Tale in Clear Writing: Readings in Expository Prose. Mather and McLenithan, eds. Broadview Press, 2007. p. 98-102.

2006: Fire History of a Western Montana Grassland: A Pilot Study. Professional Paper Series #23, Indiana St. Univ. Dept. of Geography. p. 30-36

2004: Native and Non-Native Species in Grazed Grasslands of British Columbia’s Southern Interior. Journal of Ecosystems and Management 5(1):51-59

2004: Cowboy Dreams (feature article on Will James) Western Living Magazine, Summer 2004.

2003: An Examination of Community-based Ecosystem Monitoring (co-author with Patrick Yarnell) Forest Research Extension Partnership (FORREX) Series No.13. Kamloops. 49p.

2003: Salamanders vs. The Simpsons: Community-based Ecosystem Monitoring Journal of Ecosystems and Management

2003: A proud tradition: history of the Nelson Forest Region 1897-2003 by Don Gayton and Dawn Wrangler

2003: British Columbia Grasslands: Monitoring Vegetation Change. Forest Research Extension Partnership (FORREX) Series No. 7. Kamloops. 49p., illus. Part 1Part 2.

  1. Kokanee (book on the kokanee salmon) New Star Publishers, Vancouver 96 pages, illus.

2002: Linking Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledge and Western Science in Natural Resource Management (Conference proceedings, co-edited with Henry Michel) Forest Research Extension Partnership (FORREX) Series No. 4, Kamloops. 81pp.

2002: Linking Indigenous People’s Knowledge and Western Science in Natural Resource Management: A Dialogue (co-written with Henry Michel) Journal of Ecosystems and Management, Vol. 2 (2) 12p.

2002: Little Bluestem and the Geography of Fascination (nature essay) in Eye in the Thicket,
Sean Virgo, ed.  Thistledown Press, Saskatoon, SK.

2001 Landscape Mathematics (nature essay) in Northern Wild: Best Contemporary Canadian Nature Writing, David Boyd, ed.  Greystone Books, Vancouver. P. 223-233.

2001: Ground Work: Basic Concepts of Ecological Restoration in BC. FORREX Series No. 3, Kamloops. 25pp.

2001: All Flesh is Grass (article on elk and native grasslands) Bugle Magazine, 18:1, p. 69-75

1999: Sonora North (article on yucca and horned lizard) Equinox Magazine, Vol 105, p. 58-70

1999: Canadian Science Writers Journalism Award for Healing Fire article

1999: The Cartography of Catastrophe: Harlen Bretz and the Great Spokane Flood.
Mercator’s World, May-June 1999 Vol 4 (3) p. 54-61.

1998: Final Report, East Kootenay Trench Agriculture Wildlife Committee (co-authored with Maurice Hansen) Ministry of Forests, Victoria. 94pp.

1998: Healing Fire (article on fire ecology) Canadian Geographic, Jul/Aug, 1998, pp. 32-42.

1998: Landscapes of the Interior wins U.S. National Outdoor Book Award

1997: Cry of the Wild (endangered species article) Canadian Geographic. May/June, pp. 30-42

1996: Turf Wars (crested wheatgrass article) Canadian Geographic. May/June 1996, pp. 70-78.

1996: Landscapes of the Interior: A Re-exploration of Nature and the Human Spirit. (non-fiction book) New Society Publishers, Gabriola Island, B.C.  176 pages.

1993: Big Bluestem and the Tallgrass Dream (article on prairie restoration)
Equinox, Jan/Feb., pp. 30-39.

1991: Grazing Pressure on Saskatchewan Rangelands (technical article) Rangelands, 13(3):107-108.

1990: The Wheatgrass Mechanism: Science and Imagination in the Western Canadian Landscape (book of essays) 156p.  Fifth House, Saskatoon.  (Second edition published fall, 1992)