Don Gayton

Don Gayton

Welcome to the electronic abode of a writer who works in the vineyard of nonfiction, but often leans over the creative fence. Photo by Stephanie Seaton.

A few random quotes, from my books:

“The buffalo pounds, the tapered wing, the urgency of travel, the confusion of newness with significance. We will study the prototype. Many versions will be called for. This is, after all, the New World.”

“My transit is along a continuum that starts in the habitat of the house, moves outward to the fabricated ecologies of yard and garden, passes through disturbed ground and vacant lot, dawdles through landscape architecture, parks, agriculture, forests and grasslands, reaches all the way out to embrace remaining shards of actual wilderness, and then cycles
back again.”

“Pay equal attention to lore, science and spirituality. Talk to visionaries. Restore an eroded gully. Understand the genius of the horned toad. Design a landscape ritual that your mother would be willing to participate in. Learn geology.”

“How could I oppose a war without dishonoring the soldier?”